A note from Exodus Disposal:

Our drivers are reporting huge amounts of clean out trash as well as construction trash these last four to five weeks. We have always tried to take all the trash at each house to help keep the cities free of clutter but we have to re-evaluate our normal practices at this time.

Our contract states we will remove household garbage weekly and that it must be placed in approved containers. Lawn debris should be bundled and the trash must be placed within five feet of the street. Beginning next week we will be following those guidelines and excess trash will be removed only if in approved containers and is household related. We will not be accepting construction trash of any sort. Residents are welcome to call our office to schedule a commercial container for their construction needs.

Another issue is the movement of the provided carts from house to house and this is use without permission from us or the City.  At times we see up to four additional carts where only one is to be during normal times. At these locations only the number of carts that are normally on site will be emptied. Please monitor the extra carts stored at the city offices.